Dres & Mista Lawnge formed the legendary hiphop duo Black Sheep in 1989, after being part of the group Native Tongues, which consisted of
A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul and later Mos Def.
A facet of their long standing allure stems from their initially short career, as in 1995 they disbanded citing creative differences.

Dres reformed the act in 2006, with Dj Strike, which means we’ve all been waiting too m.f long to see them live in Copenhagen.

So huge props to Stig at Scratch Copenhagen for arranging their premiere.
It will live long in the memory of those who attended Loppen last weekend.

I’ve seen similarly revered hiphop artists from the same (late eighties / early nineties) ‘Golden Generation’ perform at Loppen and despite a killer set list, they fail to make the connection with the crowd as they might wish to. Some of that disconnect is based on not quite understanding the venue, or it’s position at the heart of Christania and it’s music scene.

Black Sheep @ ALIS

Black Sheep did it the right way.
They explored Christania. Smoked some trees. And performed an impromptu gig during the afternoon at ALIS‘s store.
They took their time and it really helped identify them as artists who care enough to understand their audience, interact and not let expectations lead to disappointment.

Dres @ ALIS

By the time Black Sheep ascended the stage the Loppen crowd had been nicely warmed up by the always impressiveAl Agami

B.S intertwined their repertoire of classics, The Choice Is Yours, Without a Doubt, Similak Child, Flavor of the Month and Strobelite Honey with new material seamlessly. The tune Ho Is Short for Honest feat. Alexander Simone (Nina Simone’s son) was especially well received by the crowd.

It was nice to chat with Dj Strike after the show as he signed some merch., while Dres posed for the inevitable and numerous selfies. It might just be wishful thinking but, I got the feeling that it might not be the last time we see them in Copenhagen.
Fingers crossed!.

Finally, a big thanks to my new friend Mahad, for stepping up and becoming BS photographer for the evening. A member of the Loppen crew, he took some good photos and showcased an entrepreneurial spirit that any hiphop advocate would be proud of. Respect bro!