Grandmaster Voorn who already made a name for himself back in the mid 80’s through liaisons with DMC (Disco Mix Club). This happened as both a participant in DMC World DJ Championships and megamixer for the aforementioned DMC organization. After briefly toying with Hip Hop releases as Fixomatic, he started to explore the possibilities of Techno and House music. This was a new wave of innovative music coming from the US, which had already influenced him immensely at clubs in his native Amsterdam. From 1991 and onward, Voorn released a string of classics on uncountable labels and generously using aliases in the process. Always carrying the torch for twisted electronic Funk, regardless of whatever genre he was touching, Orlando virtuously welded it together in his own way.

Now, some 20 years down the line he makes a return to the Danish label, which released possibly one of his most overlooked classics ‘Bells’.

Standing six tracks tall ‘Planet Ultra’ is more of a mini-album than anything else, but let’s take a look or rather listen to these tracks. 6 tracks that actually never made it for vinyl release back then.

‘Teflon’ is crystallized Techno Funk par excellence in the style of his Night Vision period, a label he initially ran between 1994-1996, and a perfect way to initiate this release on Multiplex. Somewhat in the same vein is ‘Barwork’ with its fluttering tonal attack but whereas ‘Teflon’ comes in with the tight Funk, this takes on a more jazztronic identity that you would associate with the mid-90’s outputs from Juan Atkins as Model 500. Both tracks alone are worth purchasing this release for, but I do have to mention ‘Ultra Light’ before winding up this review. Crushed pads, KLF-like gunshots and bittersweet vocals in a jagged mixture, displays the greatness of Voorn’s musical abilities once again.

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