Luke Mcmillan aka The DJ Producer has been honing his craft for more than 3 decades now and still manages to further  and excel in his artistic output to the fullest.

Now he has finally enriched us with a new full-length album after 14 years dormancy (if we’re talking proper albums and not include compilations and remix albums).
Enough about those technical tidbits and straight to the music of ‘Future Incognito’.
Like most of Luke’s recent output it has actually taken me a considerable amount of listens in order to truly appreciate it. Same thing applies for ‘Future Incognito’, which is paradoxical, since I’m as much of an adamant music futurist as The DJ Producer and thus, should be able to grasp the vision right away.

It is evident, that Luke aims at and succeeds in mediating his vision TO and not FOR the listener. He is not there to service you with a superficial and generic consumer product but invites you to his World of Hardcore, where he reigns and is in control. A fact that also harks back to what I mentioned earlier, being capable of embracing and understanding his music does in fact require multiple listens.

For a deeper understanding of who The DJ Producer is and why he is still so adamantly dedicated to the cause, you should read this interview from 2014.

My favorite track of the album has to be ‘Forward Trajectory’, with is merciless train chugging steel work Hardcore aesthetics. For a brief moment I get reminded of the laser-flanging knife-cut-in-butter effect used on Syncro Flash A/B’s lethal Hardcore classic ‘Motorbike Raiders Of The Lost Dead‘. So damn good! Luke’s roots are certainly in the old school but it serves as a foundation and not a destructive glorification that would hold him back from progress.  Something that is also vividly illustrated on ‘Reference Points’, which is laced with well-known samples and lethally executed break beats. Since the technology has also undergone a noticeable evolution it’s now also possible to express things on a more hi-fi level. Something that makes particular compository elements achieve a more delicate nature and trenchant quality. In other words, technology has made it possible to go further and to be more concise in the art of writing music. 

This fact also chimes in with the aptly titled ‘The Path Of Self-realization’, which could be seen as his awareness of what you can harvest from experience and inject into your music. But on the other hand it could also be seen as a question of how we currently use the technology at hand. I would say though, that Luke’s sentiment is that he now masters a new level of artistic expression and thus, makes a statement in regards to just that.

Who said that Hardcore can’t be emotional? Well, there are plenty of fine examples of emotional Hardcore, be it melodic in a traditional thematic sense or from the coloration of notes. ‘Positive Outlook’ closes the power display of ‘Future Incognito’ in a recalibrated version, which is perfectly fitting for a number of reasons. 1. According to DJ Producer it’s the most emotional track he has ever written 2. The message is clear. Do your own thing because noone will do it for you. 3. If you stay positive, you will achieve what you want.

In a time where a lot of things aren’t allowed to deviate from senseless dogmatic drivel, it is utterly refreshing to see a rebel with a true cause, stubbornly carry on with his vision of how music can stay relevant and develop within a futuristic continuum. The DJ Producer clearly refuses to be tamed and turned into a dog on a leash, which should serve as a healthy reminder that too many things are too staged, shaped by manipulation from agencies, organizations and the industry as a whole. Avoid those pitfalls, be your own boss and create your personal riot today!

Cop the full album below and purchase it from Juno