“A New America” is the sophomore book release from documentary photographer Robert LeBlanc. Shot in over a length of three years, 32 states and 20,000 miles “A New America” highlights modest rural towns and truck stops, to major metropolitan cities. Robert completely immersed himself, observing unique parts and situations all over America. “A New America” is a true visual love letter to the United States in its present age. Focusing on everything from race, poverty, politics, tech, sex, blue-collar workers, underground cultures and everything in between. Robert’s goal through this book is to tell the emotional rhythms of the United States; to portra underlying realities and misgivings — how it feels to be wealthy, poor, in love, to be alone, be young or old, to live along a country road or to walk a crowded sidewalk. The Images highlighted is a sneak peek into this upcoming book, giving viewers a taste of what is to come for his new release in early 2019.