Glass Knot are Lasse Bjørck Volkmann and Nicolai Vesterkær Krog, whom
in the span of approximately a year, have recorded several live takes and decimated them into seven tracks of different nature.
If you want to interpretate the titles as various words with different meanings but all in the same “tense”, feel free to do so.
Personally however, I recommend the frenetic chirps and oscillating
beats of ‘Present Tense 1’, which gradually intertwines and morphs
seamlessly together in a most sexy manner.
Standout stormer of the album without competition is ‘Present Tense
4’. Frenzied footwork-style rhythmic spasms and associations to upbeat
Krautrock in the vein of Dieter Moebius/Conny Plank, genetically
engineered with aggressive and roaring bass figures as pleasant as
molten lead, creates sheer joy from it’s very abhorrence of required
listening demands. ‘Present Tense’ is a promising collab from Glass
Knot, which is available on cassette or digital download.