Copenhagen label TRTLNCK debuts Copenhagen resident from Lithuania,
Neri J, with her first release ever.
The music is, as one would expect, as uncompromising as her skillful
DJ-sets i.e. heavy mental Acid-fueled Techno, distorted with splendor
and drenched in futuristic ambience.
For a few reference points think Thomas P. Heckmann mid-90’s
productions, as it’s the case on the beaver gnawing and joyous love
affair ‘Valentine’s Acid’. ‘Badboy’ and ‘New Era’ takes on a more
Electronic Body Music identity with poltering, militant drums and rattling bass lines.
Surely this is music for abandoned warehouses with over-sized window
frames shattering from the generous low frequency overload apparent on
both tracks.
As they say, saving the best for last, and that’s what we do by
highlighting the aptly titled ‘Destroyer’ as the best track of the
If your track places itself somewhere between legendary Danish duo Zekt
and DJ ESP, yet without being a poor counterfeit, you’re definitely
doing things right.
An alluring excursion in the fine art of Hardcore Acid, which
solidifies this debut release as one of the best Techno outings
emerging from Copenhagen in 2018.