Best trip of the year, who were you with? Who of the Vans Squad is most essential in the Van?

The best trip of the year so far was the SF trip I did a few months back with the REAL team. It included Zion, Ishod, Robbie, Jack, Jafin and me. It’s lit when whoever from the Vans squad is in the van!

Who do you skate with most these days? Whose skating pushes you?

Reese, Salken, Tyson, Ishod, Zion… it really depends on who’s in town.

Your pro shoe has come out in a pink colorway previously, did you have a say in the violet ice colorway for the Versa QZP DX?

Yeah, I worked with the Vans design team on that pink colorway for my signature shoe, but I haven’t had any say on clothing design quite yet. On the way though!

If you could rename the QZP DX, what would you call it?

Probably a turtle neck jacket.

What is it about the QZP DX that makes you want to wear it? And how does it feel when skating in it?

The QZP DX fits super good, the material is really nice as well.

What’s your favorite European spot, which one would you like to hit one day?

I’ve always wanted to hit the 5-block in Paris that Andrew Reynolds back heeled, that’s a classic spot for sure.

What’s your next personal goal apart from skateboarding? 

I’ve got something in the works, it should go live in the next 4-5 months.

Best memory filming for “Spinning away”?

The best memory from filming Spinning Away was when Tyson and I skated that long blue rail in OKC. I used to sled down that hill when it snowed as a kid, so it’s cool to see that spot in a Vans vid!

Gnarliest thing you’ve seen on the gram lately?

Milton’s gap to lip for Trick of the Year!

SOTY predictions?


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