The 10th anniversary of Vans Shop Riot took place in Milan this past weekend. After heated sessions at Bastardbowl and Pinbowl Skatepark the winners have been crowned. Burnside took the overall win, as well as the newly introduced video montage prize.

Peep the recap for some of the gnarliest tricks fired this weekend.

2018 Vans Shop Riot Finals 

  1. Burnside (Netherlands)
  2. Traektoria (Russia)
  3. Skate.CH (Switzerland)
  4. Gilis (Israel)

Best Video Edit

Burnside (Netherlands)

Best Trick Competition (Cash for tricks sponsored by Spitfire)

Rob Maatman (Burnside), stylish kickflip from bank to bank over the steps

Eric Hedberg (Hollywood), BS smith FS 180 off the top step

Simon Deprez (Skate Boutique), hardflip BS boardslide to fakie on the big rail