As a professional skateboarder, I learned quite quickly that without a good photographer, you wouldn’t last long. Analog was not a place to make a mistake. Choosing someone to shoot with took great trust. Not only that, but the photographer had to have vision. It wasn’t just about the trick or your name, but just as much about the perspective he might take. There was no post-production, so as a photographer you had to make real decisions which defined your style and made your pictures stand out. You had to know what film to use, which lens to choose, and which angle looked best. None exemplify these characteristics better than Benjamin Deberdt. And, long before we ever met, I was aware of his photography and an expertise that made him elite. I am happy that his camera as well as his friendship have transcended skateboarding and are still part of my life now.

Scott H. Bourne

Jesse Narvaez is experienced enough to know that when visiting a new city, it’s best to link up with locals instead of only relying on search engines. It will lead you to less beaten paths, such as this back alley that most tourists would miss or avoid, despite being a stone’s throw away from the Pantheon. Being new to a place can also have its upsides, such as showing up to a spot with fresh eyes, and therefore a new take to it, as demonstrated here with this boneless over the barrier into the sidewalk.

Luc Boimond has been exporting his own take on the beloved SwissTech™ all around Europe, most likely while travelling with the extended OG 2000 family, for a minute now. As demonstrated here, with this –always hard to lock and grind on this kind of spot–fakie crooks on a bank with a view. And what a sight!

Santiago Sasson might not be your average skate rat, as this fine young man is already an architect graduate, but he sure ticks all the other boxes. It was a pleasure seeing him getting his first photo after a year or more plagued with injuries. And what a more suiting way for that and him, than navigating the Orsay Museum landscape switch?