By Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle

We saw some really crazy shit last night. Thursday delivered a night of wild energy fuelled by defiance against over-exhaustion that kept the camping areas empty until well after the sun rose. It probably had something to do with the high-energy lineup of techno, drum and base, and fast rap music kicked off by Stormzy whose concert re-introduced moshing to Roskilde after a long hiatus.

It wasn’t long into the gig that Stormzy referred to the audience as the ‘energycrew’. The crowd clapped, cheered and screamed well before he entered the stage and things only got more intense after he surfaced. Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle managed to keep a camera in her hands during the enormous run-ins, capturing bits and pieces of the action (and attempted escapes) during the concert. Stormzy truly knows how to put on a party. You guys are nuts.