Written by Lucy Coulson

Photos by Felix Adler

How does the experience of Roskilde Festival change through the ages? Does the amount of beers drinken go up or down the more wrinkles you get? How many hookups does a 15 year old here with his parents have? What about a 68 year old? We took to the festival streets to find out where the differences lie.



Jonas, 15

Years at Roskilde: “This is my first year.”

Days this year: “Not sure yet. One or two I think.”

Sleeping: “At home. Well, at a friend’s place actually.”

Phone charges: “Twice so far.”

Beers drank: “None… I’m here with my family.” *looks around nervously*

Money spent: “Too much… maybe 1,000kr?”

Hookups had: “None… I’m here with my family” *laughs nervously*

Days needed to recover: “Probably one or two days.”

Insta-stories posted: “About 2-3 per day.”

Festival in one word: “FUN.”



Mikkel, 24

Years at Roskilde: “This is my eighth year.”

Days this year: “Nine days.”

Sleeping: “In our camp, Camp Hurtig. I think we’re in West.”

Phone charges: “It’s gotta be around 3 times a day… when you’re playing this much music…” (Camp Hurtig is decked out with a pretty impressive stereo system)

Beers drank: “I’d say around 30 a day. At least.”

Money spent: “Including the ticket and everything else… around 5,000kr?”

Hookups had: “I’ve had two so far… and hoping for more!”

Days needed to recover: “A week. I usually get really sick right after.”

Insta-stories posted: “A lot… 10-15 a day minimum.”

Festival in one word: “Can it be more than one word? …. Tour de Fiss.”



Peter, 34

Years at Roskilde: “20 in a row.”

Days this year: “About three weeks… I built this festival.”

Sleeping: “In the volunteer camp.”

Phone charges: “About once a day.”

Beers drank: “I’d say 10-15 a day.”

Money spent: “I will use only around 2,000kr in total over the three weeks. It’s good to be a volunteer!”

Hookups had: “Zilch.”

Days needed to recover: “Around two to three days.”

Insta-stories posted: “Depending on how many beers I’ve had… a couple a day?”

Festival in one word: “That’s gotta be ‘friendship’”.  



Daniel, 44

Years at Roskilde: “20 years all up.”

Days this year: “Six days.”

Sleeping: “We’re lucky. We’ve got an Airbnb in the town in Roskilde!”

Phone charges: “I’ve got one of those Volt things, so about five times a day.”

Beers drank: “10 a day, approximately.”

Money spent: “I’d say 3,000kr in total.”

Hookups had: “Well I’m married… so one.”

Days needed to recover: “About four.”

Insta-stories posted: “Around three a day.”

Festival in one word: “Hmm… without sounding corny? Community. Okay maybe that’s still corny.”



Gitte, 55

Years at Roskilde: “It’s my sixth year.”

Days this year: “I’m here the whole week.”

Sleeping: “I’ve got a tent but I also go home to Copenhagen when I want to.”  

Phone charges: “At least once a day.”

Beers drank: “Jeez, I don’t know. I’m not here to drink myself to the ground if that’s what you’re asking!”

Money spent: “Well my kids are here, too which also costs money… but probably around 2,000kr in total.”

Hookups had: “My boyfriend’s at home…”

Days needed to recover: “One day.”

Insta-stories posted: “About one a day.”

Festival in one word: “Good times.”



Per, 68

Years at Roskilde: “I was here for the first three, and have been here the last 14.”

Days this year: “Three days.”

Sleeping: “I live in the neighbourhood, so I just go home.”

Phone charges: “Just once a day.”

Beers drank: “None.”

Money spent: “Around 1,000kr I’d say.”

Hookups had: “I’m married. My wife is here with me.”

Days needed to recover: “None. No beers means no recovery.”

Insta-stories posted: “Three a day.”

Festival in one word: “Music!”


Surprised? Maybe not. With the average age here at Roskilde 24 years old, it makes sense that they’re doing most the partying and things seem to steadily decline from then on. Hookups seem to settle down once you hit your 30s (boring), beers consumed also decline — but on the plus side, you apparently end up spending a lot less money (who knew?!) so it’s not all bad news! We’ll try and find Jonas in 10 years’ time when he’s reached 25… we’re sure he’ll have some different answers then.