Written by Lucy Coulson

Photos by Felix Adler

Every year, over one million meals are served from Roskilde’s many food trucks. That’s a lot of hangovers that have been cured. But if you’re not smart in choosing your meal times strategically (e.g. during Eminem, at 4 in the morning, on Sunday) chances are there’s going to be queue. A long one. And considering the strength required to actually get out of your tent and have a shower (if you even made it that far), the last thing you want to be doing is lining up for 25 minutes for a 85kr stale burger you wanted to throw on the ground in protest but ate it because you were too hungry and depleted to do anything else.

We walked around on empty stomachs and decided which meals were worth spending over 50 clams and 20 minutes on. Here’s what we ate and what we rate:



We’re pretty sure this one has made it onto every must-eat list this Roskilde. It’s a staple. It’s a must. YOBURGER has been serving up Copenhagen’s dirtiest burgers since 2016 and it’s quickly became a hangover ritual for people all round the city. Buttery brioche buns, melted cheese, fatty fatty oh-so-fatty patties, all topped off with some kind of sauce that can only be described as magical which is probably why they call it ‘magic sauce’. Oh and the fries are pretty good too (truffle mayo is a MUST).

You can get a menu (burger, fries, mayo and lemonade) for 130kr. You can find the burger boys on Back Alley right to the right of Orange Scene.


Hansens Milkshake Bar

What’s better than Hansens ice cream? Hansens ice cream mixed alcohol. Through a straw. Hansens Milkshake Bar is serving up cold, creamy delicious things in cute cups, alcohol optional. They have the classics (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) and some new cocktail-milkshake twists (Pina Colada and White Russian).

Get a virgin milkshake for 65kr or a devil milkshake for 120-125kr. Find Hansens in Back Alley to the right of Orange Scene.



Another newbie on the scene who’s recently gone from up-and-comer to a Byens Bedste winner, Hooked should also be on your Worth Waiting For list. One of their most popular dishes at their Nørrebro store is the famous lobster roll: a buttery brioche hot dog style roll filled – like, literally filled – with melt-in-your-mouth lobster, pickled celeriac, mayo and chives. So naturally, that’s what they’re serving up at Roskilde. With a side of their vinegar fries and estragon mayo, of course.

Get the menu (lobster roll, fries, mayo and pink lemonade) for 135kr. Find them in the food court on the left hand side.



Oldie but a goodie. The line is always off-putting at Gorms. The price tag is also not their most appetising aspect. But when you finally receive that thin crust slice of heaven, it all becomes worth it. They’re keeping things simple and dishing up only two pizzas: the Denny Special (potato, goat cheese, rosemary, truffle oil) and the Spicy Salumi (tomato, hot salami, mozzarella). Drool. Treat yourself!

Get a pizza for 85kr (add 20kr for pesto and rucola). Find them in Back Alley by the Art Zone (also in Mediebyen).



Another classic. Meyers make good, hearty, Mum’s-home-cooking style food. Pretty much exactly what you need after a few hard days at a festival. You won’t be left hungry afterwards, guaranteed, and you’ll also get enough nutrients (read: at least a couple vegetables) to keep you going until your next meal. We were fans of the butter chicken and the vegan option: falafel with red beetroot and fennel. Oh, and a cinnamon roll for dessert.

Prices range from 15kr to 85kr depending on how hungry you are. You can find Meyers right to the left of Avalon Gate.


Kiin Kiin Bao Bao

With roots in the thai-gourmet Michelin star restaurant on Nørrebro, Kiin Kiin Bao Bao has made it to Roskilde to serve modern Asian hot dishes to the folk of the festival. A special thing about this place is that even though they’ve got stores popping up all over the place, they’re keeping their small restaurant values and preparing all their food fresh in the restaurants – and you can taste it. So if you’ve had enough burgers, head over for some Red Curry Chicken or Pad Krapow and make Mum proud by eating some vegetables.

Get a hot dish for 85kr or some spring rolls for 45kr. You can find Kiin Kiin Bao Bao in the Back Alley to the right of Orange Scene.


We came back from this ‘research tour’ very full and very satisfied. And already looking forward to next year’s shortlist. So go and start queuing, before you know it you’ll be in the same state as us. Tyk og glad. The good life!