By Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle

Coming in hot is BS’s list of festival life hacks that will save you this year at Roskilde Festival. Rookies, we’ve made things a little easier for you, hinting at what’s coming for you in the week ahead. Experts, if you haven’t learned by now, then you’re a fool. But no worries, our list of smart bring-alongs comes with experience, and we’re happy to save you one more time. 


Hand sanitiser: If you expect soap to be in toilets by Wednesday, don’t.   


Sunscreen: Based on Roskilde’s track record of shit weather, we forgive you for forgetting this one at RF 2018. 


Ear plugs: If you’ve lost all expectations of sleep, this might reclaim some hope! 



Tissues: If you thought you were clean, blow your nose. 



Canned fish and rugbrød: If you think you’re too good for this, you’re not. 


Sanitary pads for blisters: After surrendering to this, there is no going back. 


Baby wipes: If you’re not sleeping in your own tent tonight, do your romantic friend a favour and wipe yourself up beforehand. Likewise, dirt moustaches are not a good look the morning after.  


Gumboots: It has never not rained.  


Sleep mask: We’ve waited along time to say, there will be sun this year.  


Flag Pole: On your walk of shame in the morning, you’re going to need this to find your way home. 


Painkillers: Legal drugs. 


Toilet Paper: No brainer #1 


Listerine in a mini spray bottle: You’ll see them again if you use this before kissing them.


Power Bank: No brainer #2. 


Light reflector: If you can figure out how to keep it attached in the wind, this will keep the temperature way down in your tent.


Eau thermal (spray water): Maybe it won’t rain after all? We can pretend.


Face Scarf: They probably think they look shit hot, but they are, because they’re smart. And probably have asthma.


Do: cut holes in your pavilion roof so that it doesn’t fly away. Damn. Genius.