By Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle

There wasn’t a great deal of conversation about Eminem during Roskilde Festival’s warm-up days. If they were going to attend the concert, fans played down their enthusiasm. But things made more sense last night when everyone arrived early to the Orange Stage (90 minutes in most cases), to line up for the biggest party at the festival yet.

In true Eminem style, The Real Slim Shady (Marshall Mathers |||) greeted his fans with a short film in which he featured as a Godzilla-like giant destroying New York City and burning it to flames. Fireworks, flame projections, rain effects and smoke enhanced the drama of it all, getting the audience ready to lose control, and their voices.

If you didn’t get knocked out by some dude’s armpit, you could just make out Eminem’s familiar frame, as he rapped alongside a full band with violins, guitars, and cellos. His supporting rappers encouraged the usual alcohol and drugs thing, asking repeatedly if the crowd was f**ked up, claiming to be from the era in which you could “still party” before playing some of the biggest hits from the 2000’s including My Name Is, Lose Control and Without Me.

Photographer Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle jumped along in the pit, capturing glimpses of one of the highest selling rappers of the 2000’s.