Hey Craig, introduce yourself!

My name is Craig Dodds, Dudrey, Duddles, Dudley or whatever other variation of my name you care to come up with yourself. My two biggest loves in life are skateboarding and photography. Once I picked up a skateboard my interest in photography seemed to follow quickly after.
I’m from a small backwards town in Northern Ireland where nothing too exciting or of any worldly purpose seems to happen. Although we are in the midst of having a skatepark built that my friends and I have been campaigning for the past 15 years, so will hopefully change a few things.

Remember the first time you saw an image of yours in print?

I remember it very well. Easily an unforgettable moment for anyone who has been lucky enough to experience it. In the beginning Sidewalk printed some very small images of mine in the ‘Folklore’ section of their magazine when I was first starting out my “skateboard photography career”. They were terrible photos but Sidewalk was kind enough to print them anyway. My first full page came a year or so later of my good Dublin pal, “Sherburt Dipdab”. Seeing a whole magazine page dedicated to your photo was an incredible moment. After that I knew I was going to be chasing that feeling for a long time to come. Massive shout out to Sidewalk for always showing Ireland love.

What made you want to start a zine? 

I’ve toyed with the idea for quite some time like too many things in my mind I’ve yet to let come to fruition. Ever since I started shooting I had always planned to do a skateboarding zine, I had done interviews, photos and had a basic idea of how it would all look but I could just never bring myself to make the damn thing. I think I would have just preferred to see the photos in a major skateboard magazine as would probably the skater than have them only seen by a select few people in Ireland through my zine.

So what changed your mind?

The concept had always been there it was just a matter of finding something that was going to inspire me enough to finally pursue it. Eventually this came from a documentary a friend had told me to watch called “Finding Vivian Maier”. It was something as simple as this that set a spark off in my head to a style of photography I had always been fascinated with but never had the guts to pursue. This being the ever vigilant style of street photography. I was instantly obsessed. The ability to capture a social history that not everyone sees or is blind too was all to captivating to not give my own shot at.

What’s special about it?

The only print media I’ve really had a relationship with is through the countless skateboarding magazines I read growing up and still do, whatever ones are lucky enough to still be in print of course. Obviously zines are a completely different story altogether and provide their own uniqueness and a small window into that persons thought process which can become very personal in some cases. That’s what I love so much about them; you get to know the person and their work in so much depth sometimes without ever seeing them face to face.

The first three issues of “Municipality”

Having put out two publications what’s your experience so far?

Starting off using any new software is always a ball aching experience… The first one seemed straightforward enough to put together after a few YouTube videos and conversations with some mates who are a bit more clued into this sort of stuff than I am. When it came to print I obviously began to notice lots of little mistakes that had slipped by my excited mind in the editing process. I take my time now… and watch a lot more videos.

What’s #3 going to be like?

I’m really excited for issue 3! Even though I probably say that for every issue… This one is going to be a little different from the rest. I’ve incorporated a lot of new ideas that I was a bit unsure about with the last 2 issues. I’m also stoked it’s going to be all photos from when I lived in Barcelona rather than Ireland, just for something different this time. I’ve tried to give people as much a feel for another side of the city that you can possibly get from something as simple as a zine.

Who and what are you doing it for?

That’s a very good question… I guess initially when I made the first one it was more for a bit of fun as I didn’t quite know how it was going to be received as I’d never really shared this style of photos with anyone before. They probably just knew me as the one trick pony skate photographer, haha, or maybe I’m wrong! But that’s how I felt about myself sometimes. But with the second issue completed and making its journey across the big bad world from its stressful creation in my bedroom I’ve had some really pleasing compliments from people which have made me want to do more with it now. I’m a little less nervous when it comes to pushing it to different shops; with not much success rate so far, haha. The Palomino Club have been very kind to me since the beginning and selling it through their online shop which I’m incredibly grateful for. The third one, I’m relieved to announce, is now finally completed! I think I could have never finished it at the rate I was fixing things. If you’d be interested in a copy feel free to let me know. I accept Paypal all the way to carrier pigeon so don’t be shy.

If you’re interested in buying a zine, hit up @duddle_it on Insta.