In the late 1960s, Peter Zinovieff — co-founder of London’s Electronic Music Studios — sold his wife’s diamond tiara to subsidize the world’s first computer in a private residence. The weighty extravagance was purchased and installed to control one singular process: sequencing sounds. The enthusiastic exploration of the unknown—synthesized music—lead directly to the ground-breaking work of artists like Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, and Kraftwerk.

In the spirit of that wholehearted approach, Ray Barbee has ventured into uncharted waters with his latest release, Tiara For Computer, a synth-anchored album from a man known for his expressive, solo guitar work. Follow him into the studio and see Ray and the gang work their magic.

“I’ve always been intrigued with synthesis,” Barbee clarifies. “All of it: the wave form, the shapes, the modulation sources. I’ve played guitar long enough that I’ve got a vocabulary. But what I get the most excited about with synthesis is being free from music and the idea of not knowing what I’m doing … the excitement of not having a vocabulary.”

The record is out now on Vynil and CD through UMYEAHARTS.