Ruins, smoke, mysterious hooded characters and biblical references – the video to GAIKA’s “Crown and Key” is as mysterious and fascinating as it is a prime example of modern-day filmmaking and a break with uniformity.
The obscure visuals directed by Paco Raterta are hard to break down into words, just like the british artist’s unique genre – a darkly magnetic blend of gothic dancehall and industrial electronics.

GAIKA, born in Brixton and from Jamaican and Grenadian descent, gathers influences from academia, British reggae soundsystems, philosophy and political theory resulting in his mesmerizing soundscape.

“My thing has always been: be yourself whatever you are, be that and people will walk towards it.

Since playing Copenhagen’s “Distortion” festival in 2016 the Brixton artist hasn’t slowed down. Following self-released mixtapes “Machine” and “Security” and Warp-released EPs “SPAGHETTO” and “The Spectacular Empire”, GAIKA drops his co-produced debut “BASIC VOLUME” July 27th in digital form.