There seems to be a trend in Cape Town for the best spots to be in the most inhospitable areas. As you can see this is right outside our country’s Parliament building, however at least 50 cops walked past while we were skating this spot and not one of them said shit! It was a very refreshing experience.

Luke Vermeer – 50-50

This is one of the most famous spots Cape Town has to offer. It’s situated right in the centre of the city and is home to the main opposition political party of our country. As you can imagine you don’t get long to skate there either but luck seemed to be on our side this day, We were approached by two different police officers who explained that skateboarding is not permitted here, but after putting on our best smiles and asking for just a few more tries Dylan was able to ride away after stepping on one hell of a skinny bar to be doing a fast plant on.

Dylan Vaughan – Fast Plant

This spot is situated on the roof of Cape Town central train station where thousands of people walk by every day completely oblivious to the gem it holds for skateboarders! Unfortunately the area is also a well know for drug dealers and homeless people to congregate which brings a heavy police presence. Jansen and I arranged to meet at the spot at 6:30am to see how long we could push our luck for before getting the boot. We were up there about ten minutes when we saw city security looking up and on the radios. As we decided our time was up we jumped back over the fence to get out of there. Coming up a narrow street was a patrol car but due to the fact it was too narrow for them to turn around we were able to skate straight past them and be out of there before receiving the age old “you can’t skate here” speech or any fines.

Jansen Van Staden – Ollie


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