During the Bosnian War, a lot of Bosnian Refugee’s came to where I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa. So much of my childhood was around Bosnian’s I always wanted to visit and luckily one day I was able to make it there. One of my favorite places on earth, Sarajevo is an absolutely stunning city with a very sad history. If you have a bucket list, please put it on there. Al Davis FS Ollies on a rooftop halfpipe that somehow survived years of bombing by the Serbs.

Brad McClain Bonelesses in a bowl at the Blue Enigma Hotel in Paros, Greece.  A photo that really needs no words. I mean, look at this location.

The underground waterfall in Le Morne in Mauritius was very high on my bucket list. I mean look at this fucking place.

Floating down the Amazon river was honestly not something I thought I would do in my life. Here during a 49 hour boat ride, a local merchant drives his boat up to our boat to sell shrimp he has caught in the river.

Once again, Le Morne in Mauritius has got to be far and away one of the best places on earth I’ve ever had the luck of visiting. Yann Horowitz doesn’t look too bummed to be there either in this picturesque hammock.

This photo has 0 story behind it I just liked the architecture of this parking garage and waited for someone to ride their bike by and that’s exactly how that shit went down.

After a too long for this space but better over a pint story, we finally made it to Jaffna, Sri Lanka while on a trip to Sri Lanka. Jordan Trahan couldn’t wait to get out of the van and snap some ollies amongst this magical backdrop of cows and dragon flies.

We basically planned an entire trip to Namibia just in hopes of getting this photo. We had a contact at first, then the contact fell through. Then we got another contact, a friend of a friend who worked at a coffee shop that if we drove 4 hours into the middle of Namibia, all the way to the coast, that contact MIGHT know how to get ahold of this guys dad. That dad MIGHT be able to get ahold of the guy who lives in the house the ramp is behind. Well, I mean the photo is a spoiler but yeah we found the fucking thing and Sebo Walker BS Noseblunted it.

This photo was during a Gatorade shoot with Sean Malto and some friends. The shoots were great but the production schedules were really ambitious. We ended up driving all night and got to Atlanta at like, 5 am and then had a 10 am call time. I always love working with Sean as he never complains, he may just randomly pass out on the couch while you are talking to him but, he never complains.

I honestly did not expect this photo of Lacey Baker to I guess go “viral,” but it’s one of my favorite photos so I’m glad it did. I wanted to shoot this image of a rainbow flag for a while, and the stars sort of aligned for this project I wanted to do to raise money for the Pulse Club shooting in Orlando, FL where 49 people were shot and killed because someone didn’t like gay people. To me, it’s a haunting reminder to everyone that while we’ve come a long way we still have so long to go. So I wanted to create this image to raise money to donate to the people effected by the shooting.  Originally I had wanted to shoot this with Brian Anderson but Lacey was working with a friend of mine at his design firm and my friend Jon said “You should meet Lacey you both work in skating.” So we set up a brunch and while at brunch I told Lacey about this idea and she seemed into it but, nothing concrete happened. A few weeks later I called and was like, hey, I really want you to do this, nothing against BA but I think having you on here, having a Queer person as part of the image I think would make it so much more powerful. She was like, yeah I’m super down and so I flew out to NYC with all these crazy flares and it rained for 2 days straight. Finally the last day Lacey had to work I think at 4pm and so we had this like 2 hour window to get to this wall and shoot this. One go the all the flares didn’t go off. Another go the wind started blowing and then finally the last one I was like, idk, I think maybe we got something. At this point I was just like, well, I just wasted all this money but, fuck it, at least I tried. Whenever I shoot photos I have like, a weird rule I try to not look at the pictures for a week unless I have to, just because you get so wrapped up in the image. So, a week or two goes and I load them up on the the screen and I’m going through them and I came across one and I call Lacey and I’m like, “holy fuck I think we got a really good one.”