We went to Iceland in the middle of June, which means the sun never fully sets. Josh Matthews and I headed out to watch the “sunset” the first night and just ended up staring at this sky for 2 hours confused what was happening until the sun rose again.

Alex Halford seems like everyday is his first day on earth and everything is so new and exciting and it’s really great to be around. While driving around the Greek Islands we stopped atop this hill and he took of skating down the road with a big smile.

I moved to LA 10 years ago but originally grew up in Iowa. I miss it a lot, especially this rock where we would all hang out and drink beer and jump into the river. That’s not me. I don’t know who it is but I’m kind of living for how he is jumping into the water.

We drove for NYC to St. John’s Bay, Newfoundland on one trip. It’s a LONG trip, a 6-hour ferry ride and then a 9-hour drive. This hill is the hill into St. John’s and we pulled over to pee. The sun was setting, it was a warm fall evening and all was right and Silvester Eduardo and Rob Gonyon celebrated running up and down the highway. 5Boro trips were always so fun and I miss those guys.

This clock is in Chicago and I always wanted to shoot a photo of it. One day skating the clock I started trying to figure out a way to shoot it and ended up sneaking up into one of the hotels to shoot through the window. I frantically called my friend Steve Fauser like, “Steve look, I can’t talk, just tell Brad to do a Backside Tailslide.” Steve was like, “wait what?” and it was one of those moments I wanted to just say Steve shut the fuck up and just fucking tell Brad to skate but he was so confused and Steve and I just constantly yell at each other so I’m like “Steve you fucking idiot just tell Brad…” and I feel a tap on my shoulder and it’s Security. I showed the security guard what I wanted to do and he was hyped and let me get this photo.

Skate tours are a lot of hurrying up and waiting. I don’t know what was going on here I just know we were in a parking lot in Oregon for some reason for hours. Nick Garcia lit his lunch on fire and used the flames to light his cigarette.

We used to head down to Mazatlan, Mexico once a year.  One year we found this brand new incredible water park with no one in it. We paid the security guard a few bucks and we skated it for a few hours where Steve Nesser some how made it down the whole thing going so fucking fast I really thought he was going to die but he didn’t and I’m glad he didn’t to be honest because I like Steve.

I worked shooting photos for Etnies for almost 10 years, to date I think Ryan Sheckler is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. His life is the total polar opposite of mine and I thought it was so interesting. He was put into so much at a young age and every day so many people wanted to so much from him – honestly I couldn’t imagine it and I have a lot of respect for him. This was the scene of a typical demo, he’d get a few minutes of skating and then the moment he sat down he’d be bombarded by kids for autographs.

We did a trip to the South East during a historic heat wave. Were talking 110F/43C and 90% humidity – it was insane. While in Baton Rouge we went swimming and Ben Raemers brought the posh ghetto looks.

I love China, and I love shooting photos in China and I love the people in China. Personal space is so different in China than it is in other places in the world and while clearly it’s annoying to Julian Davidson to have people literally standing in his landing – I love this photo and how expressive everyone is even though no one is really saying anything at all.