The Copenhagen duo has come a long way since releasing their EP “Love Songs” in October 2015. The single releases of “Beautiful Boys and Girls”, “Making a Fool” and ultimately “Someone Else” already tease the compelling sound of their debut album releasing on March 2nd (that’s tomorrow kids!). Beans have also been spilled the bands favorite subjects: According to Astrid and Simon love and contrasts is what life revolves around.

You’re about to release your debut album. You have definitely figured out your niche style, while still giving yourself room to experiment. How did your sound evolve to this point?

We started out with nothing but a Juno 60 synthesizer and a TR505 drum machine in Simon’s bedroom. The first song we did together was ‘Do Not Ask’ and it became the foundation of the first EP. It was a point of reference if the rehearsal space where we arrange the rest of the songs with our live band. We went straight from there to the studio and recorded them over the course of a weekend. We spent the next year perfecting our sound before we started the material for this album. While ‘Love Songs’ came to life over a weekend, “Make Up” took us about a year and a half to finish. This time we went to the studio without the live band, which gave us the chance to nurture and play with every little detail together with producer Rune Borup. At the core you’ll still find the same type of melody writing and lyrical style, but we have expanded our soundscape to include more genres, instruments and on this record we also play a lot more with dividing our voices and not only singing in unison.

” It turned out that instead of his bass he had brought his girlfriends guitar. “

Which circumstances influence your music and the topics you address? Does the city you live in play into it?

All the songs are about ourselves and the lives we live. “Make Up” is about having a hard time accepting yourself and the contrast you experience between what you want to be and what you in fact are. Many of the scenarios that have inspired the songs have taken place in Copenhagen where we’re located, so of course the city has a big part to play. However we’re not sure that it’s obvious to anybody than ourselves.

You’ve played live gigs in the past and hit some festivals along the way. What’s your biggest live screw up?

One time we drove half way through the country for a gig at a small festival. It was a really long drive but we did our best to keep the energy high for our show. When we finally got there and went on stage for our sound check our bass player opened his gig bag and in a split second all the blood left his face. It turned out that instead of his bass he had brought his girlfriends guitar. With only fifteen minutes to showtime, we had to call every possible contact we could think of. In the very minute we where about to enter the stage a car drove up and handed our bass player the only playable bass in a 50 miles radius.

The album is about contrasts, which are crucial to many things in life. What’s sets the both of you apart?

A lot of things! One thing to mention is that we’re both shy people but it comes out in very different ways. Astrid talks without end and Simon close up like a clam.

What’s something the both of you can never agree on?

We’re having a really hard time agreeing on what we don’t agree on… Really.

How do you go about making a song, who’s in charge, what comes first?

We take turns being in charge depending on who had the initial idea for the song we’re working on. We gather ideas individually and then we present them to each other when we meet and finish the best of them together. Still swearing to Simons old Juno 60 and the 505 drum machine.

What’s your personal favorite track from the album (and why)?

Very difficult question!

Simon: At the moment my favorite is either ‘Someone Else’ or ‘Never gonna Sleep’ because they’re a bit more daring and cheeky.

Astrid: I’ll go with Pretenders. I love up beat songs about unhappy topics, but if you where to ask me tomorrow I’d might pick something else.

What’s the next major milestone you want to tackle?

To play the new songs live! No doubt. We’ve been head deep in the studio for so long it feels like an eternity since we’ve been out doing shows.

How does 2018 look for you, where can people see you?

We have some really cool stuff up our sleeves, but we can’t really reveal any of them now, so we strongly encourage you all to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Bands in Town or what ever platform you love for updates.