First off: Who are you?

I’m Chris Amerkamp, 26, living and studying in Berlin.

Years on the board?

Puhhh…. 15 years I guess.

Who backs you?

Obtain Company & Rollhouse Skateshop are supporting me. I’m very grateful for that! Thank you my friends!!! And my brother, he’s the best!

Kickflip – Potsdam

Current set-up?

Obtain “Campfire” Board 8.3. Independent Trucks 159. Robotron Wheels 54mm. Bearings etc, whatever I can get.

Where are you?

I’m on an trip with the Obtain Gang. We’ve already skated Rabat, right now we’re shredding Casablanca. Spots around here are the shit! We met Adnane Yagoubi and Yassine Jalal, they’re skating with us and showing us around. Marrakesh is the next destination. Looking forward to it.

Coolest thing about living in Berlin?

To have met the Coyote homies! And so many more things.

Worst thing about living in Berlin?

Rents are way too expensive!

Ollie up and over – Berlin

Top 3 skaters?

Three are not enough! Heath Kirchart! Raven Tershey. His skating is so far away, I wish I could skate bowls like him. I like Greco!

Top 3 meals?

Tajine, Köfte and anything else.

Top 3 weed strains?

Don’t even know three strains.

Top 3 tracks to skate to?

All Tom Waits songs. Let’s go get stoned – Joe Cocker (live on Woodstock). Only you – the flying pickets.

Top 3 tracks to make love to?

Haha… Deeptalk.

Kickflip – Berlin

Chemtrails or handrails?

Chemtrails! Handrails scare the shit out of me.

What keeps you rolling?

It’s one of a few things in life without a compulsory constraint – to me.

Favorite trick?

Riding fast, popping high.

Wallie – Berlin

Sheckler or Nyjah?

Sheckler! One can hate him, but he skates explosive!

Switch or fakie?

Switch to fakie!

Politics or nollie tricks?

Politics! Societal development is not necessarily progressive. Start participating!

This article was initially published in BS29

Shoots too much fisheye: Felix Adler