Sunglass enthusiast Chima Ferguson has a new Vans shoe coming out. Along with his new pro model “CHIMA PRO 2” comes a signature line of clothing, including a range of tops and hats. We fired over some quick question to the man himself on his way out to NY.

Where are you right now and where do you spend most of your time? LA, Sydney?
On the runway at Hong Kong airport en route to New York. I spend most of my time in Sydney and frequent LA throughout the year.

How is skating different in either of the two?
Skating is fun in Sydney, and in LA, it feels more like a job.

Last battle won & last battle lost?
Trying to skate some wall rail in Melbourne. It took a long time but it worked out. Skating a double set in Sydney, it started to rain on and off so I gave up.

As Skateboarders we tend to be mentally deranged in one way or another. What’s your weirdest habit when skating and trying tricks?
Thinking far too much. The more I try something the more the little imperfections about a spot tend to get to me.

You’re the mayor of Martin Place, who do you think is on the come-up to be the next big name out of Sydney?
Charles Robertson and Jack O’Grady.

Talking Martin Place: They are building a metro, how does that affect the spot, has construction already begun? Are you bummed?
Martin Place has around 4 years left in it. I’ll be sad to see it go but I’ve had a good run there!

Main focus in 2018?
Keeping busy and productive.

Murder-C still tagging?
It’s C-MURDA and yes!

Ever done the “bubbler”? Apparently it’s every Australian’s go to party trick?!
I may or may not have indulged.

The original CHIMA PRO has become a classic in the Vans line-up. What are you most stoked on in the CHIMA PRO 2?
The new footbed which features UltraCush Lite 3D. It has maximum board feel but keeps your feet intact.

Your birthday is coming up on Valentine’s Day, any plans? Do people send you roses?
Will kick it with family and friends. Haven’t received any roses yet, but I’m open to it.

The shoes are now available wherever you get your kicks (support your local skateshop!) or at