I was expecting a classic snowboard contest but Laax Open turned out to be more like the snowboard-gathering of the season.

All of your favorite riders are shredding the slopes. On top of that this year we had five days of non stop snow fall, that means a ton of work for the shapers, but for the rest of us powder runs were on the program.

Nature porn

The slopestyle competition was canceled and what was supposed to be a contest turned into a powder festival! #powderopen

I’m not a legit snowboard photographer by any means and some of these photos are a testament of that, but the world’s best freestyle resort was an epic pow playground for a week, hangover deep days were the routine.

On Saturday the shapers kept it together and made it possible to run the pipe finals. The Swiss Iouri Podladtchikov owned it and earned his spot in the olympic games.

We hope for a fast recovery for David Hablützel who took a gnarly slam during his last run.

David Hablützel took a really scary slam

Ultimately Laax Open was a real treat, so do yourself a favor: pack your bags and block your calendar for next year.

Text and Photos Emiliano Meucci