Today Denmark ‘s export hit WhoMadeWho release their new studio album “Trough the Walls”. Busy bees Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barfod and Tomas Høffding tackled every music festival that came their way for the last couple years and could easily be Denmark’s most traveling band. Tomas Høffding let us in on how they made album number 6 and how they can still bear seeing each others faces during tour periods after all these years.

“Through the Walls” Album Cover Art

What’s the new album about and what’s the inspiration behind it?

The new album is about tripping and fantasising. It’s about dancing. It’s about funerals, divorces and missing your flight to Mexico. It’s about the importance of sex with your spouse.

Jeppe adds: We always use our own personal histories and experiences as sources of inspiration. We never really end up in a place we expected, and I guess that’s the beauty of being in a band…

Making “Through the Walls” was like three adventurous boys entering their own private private playground in the studio, experimenting with new ways of recording and staying in that creative zone. Insisting on being there for a long time, like having a real job. Taking the time to fool around without forcing any deadlines. Honestly, we were just staying true to our own chaotic creative cravings.

We also teamed up with new playmates in the studio, like Kenton Slash Demon, Simon Littauer, Nina Kinert, Gisli Gislason and others. Having these sessions with great artists also forced us to make music in new ways.

How do you go about making an album?

We work oldschool office hours, 8-16, for one month. Then we listen for a while and find another month where we meet and work again. We keep repeating that cycle until we are happy with the musical journey.

You are constantly on tour and one of Denmark’s most traveling bands. What are your tour essentials?

Our laptops are our tour mistresses. Headphones are crucial. Toothbrushes and sunglasses are lost constantly and worldwide on flights and at hotels, festivals and venues. All three of us are masters of losing stuff everywhere.

Any rituals before heading on stage?

A lot of the time, we just have a party. People want to feel lifted up, and what better way to do that than having a party and then taking the party to the stage?

“I don’t know” Single Cover Art

Studio Album #6 and 12+ years since your debut. How do you keep the momentum going?

I guess it’s the fact that we stay successful and gain new fans and territories year after year, but without having the big blockbuster hit song. That keeps us feeling like we’re growing and gives us hunger for more. At the same time, we keep it on a level where we travel and stay at places on a relatively OK level of luxury.

What’s one of the most embarrassing moments you’ve had as a band lately?

We played a small US tour a couple of weeks ago, and we finished in New York. The venue was House of Yes and everyone was raving about it saying it’s the new Club 54 and the hippest place in town. The club was really great and they had some burlesque or even stripper cages hanging from the ceiling, naturally I had to climb into one of them during the show. I danced through the crowd with my microphone like a king, but fell on the floor like a fool during my first attempt of getting up there. It was super embarrassing for a moment, but I kept singing throughout the fall, quickly got on my feet, climbed up in the cage and finished the song from up there. I think only the few people closest to the cage saw how pathetically it all went down. The rest of the room just saw the band singing from a stripper cage which was still kind of cool and totally in the spirit of the amazing club.

Who’s the mom in the band?

We have no mum in the band….just three, dirty uncles.

What’s more important for the longevity of a band—professionalism or friendship?

Both, I think. We always did well professionally, and we truly enjoy each other’s company on the road — we still have a lot of fun. At home we go into our individual social circles, which is also great for the vibe of the band. I tried having a band with some of my best friends from high school, we even went on vacations together. That was a bit too much in the long run.

“Dynasty” Single Cover Art

What’s different about this album compared with earlier ones?

It’s better! More trippy, balanced and like a beautiful room you enter. Nice sounds surround you and you dream away — but then your feet start moving and you have to dance. Then again, I guess you always feel that way. And to be honest, the second the album is mastered you never hear it again. You’ve heard it enough, and as we speak, all three of us are already knee-deep in other solo projects and stuff.

Do you remember that one time we beat you in an iPod battle? (it’s still the only thing that gets us up in the morning)

I wasn’t there for the battle, but you would have kicked our asses even more if I was. I’m the worst DJ.

Any shows you look back on like, “THAT was the shit!”?

Yeah! So many to be honest! Our gigs at Roskilde Festival were always legendary. A crazy crowd of 25,000 at Corona Capital Festival was also quite the shit. And we have been so extremely fortunate to — on top of our great European headliner tours and spots at regular clubs and theatres — be invited to play at all kinds of crazy places: 3000 meters up in the snow in the alps, 50 meters underground at a construction site in Milan, on beaches in Mexico, Georgia, Bali, France, 3000 people halloween parties in New York.

Biggest live fuck ups?

Also so many, to be honest. We’re basically a jazz band that performs like a techno DJ. It’s quite open, and in the band you aren’t punished for fucking up, instead you’re supported for taking a chance and coming up with something new in the songs. When you take musical risks, fly around on stage and go and dance with the audience during the show you are prone to fuck up. But the fuck ups are really a part of the backbone for the band.

What will we hear if we listen to your albums backwards?

Maybe better songs?

Do you want to do a “Little Fridays” session at the Bitchslap office?

Sounds like fun, make us an offer we cant refuse!

Couple free beers and a prestigious spot to add to your EU tour dates!

25.02.2018      Zurich – Plaza
27.02.2018      Cologne – Stollwerk
28.02.2018      Munich – Technikum
01.03.2018      Nuremberg – Z Bau
02.03.2018      Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg
03.03.2018      Hamburg – Mojo
06.03.2018      Amsterdam – Melkweg
07.03.2018      Lille – Aeronef
08.03.2018      Nancy – L’autre Canal
09.03.2018      Feyzin (Lyon) – Epicerie Moderne
10.03.2018      Paris – Trabendo
23.03.2018      Copenhagen – Vega
24.03.2018      Aarhus – Train