Vans “Landline” was unveiled in packed Leo Cinema in Innsbruck, Austria, with the whole team in attendance. The monumental film featuring the global team filled the movie theatre’s auditorium to the maximum in two consecutive screenings. Fans got to witness the squad go ham on the screen as well as in the flesh. The movie will hit iTunes and Vimeo on demand on 26.01.18. and features Vans riders Sam Taxwood, Bryan Iguchi, Blake Paul, Dan “Danimals” Liedahl, Wolle Nyvelt, Michael Ravelson, Chris Roach, Dillon Ojo, Darrell Mathes, Pat Moore, Cole Navin, Arthur Longo, Jamie Lynn, Jake Kuzyk and Hana Beaman and non of those held back.

More than 40 minutes of top notch snowboarding in untouched backcountry as well as urban territory and some of the dumbest handrails in existence (shoutout to Dillon), were filmed and pieced together by Tanner Pendleton.

Tanner getting his share of applause

What was it like premiering the film you masterminded.

The premiere in Innsbruck was so much fun. A lot of the riders hadn’t seen much of anything, so I was really just excited for them to see it for the first time. Like Dan hadn’t seen anything. He had no idea what his song was or anything!

How many trips have you been on in the making of the film?

We were filming pretty much all winter for the last two years. It kind of just feels like one big trip. We spent a lot of time in North America and did trips to Japan, Russia, Czech Republic, and South America.

What was your favorite location during filming?

Czech Republic was really sick. We went to Liberec. So many cool spots and the city has a really cool vibe. I’d love to go back and explore some more zones around there.

Who was your favourite rider to film with?

It’s really hard to pick just one person. I really look up to everyone on the team and enjoy filming with everyone for different reasons. I was really hyped to get to spend some time with Arthur last winter though. He was injured the whole first year and I haven’t filmed with him much before that.

Tanner Pendleton and Jake Kuzyk

How come you chose to use film?

I grew up watching videos that were shot on film. I just like the way it looks and the feeling it gives you. It’s so exciting getting the film back after a trip it’s addicting! Kodak was really supportive of the project which allowed us to shoot a lot more.

What’s the biggest challenges with shooting film?

It’s really pretty mellow. I usually try and load up a bunch of film the night before so I don’t have to change while someone’s trying a trick or something like that. I had some issues with my bolex acting up but nothing major ever.

What’s your favorite trick in the movie?

That’s a tough one. I don’t think I have a favorite trick per say. Sam does a backlip 270 on this down flat rail in Michigan. It was the day before Christmas and we all had flights out that day. He was trying it forever and we almost had to bail but he ended up getting it just in time. Every time I see that clip I get hyped. There’s so many though. My favorite shot is filmed by Jake price of Blake Paul doing a frontside 360 tucknee off this hip jump at sunset.

Whats the name ‘Landline’ about?

Jake Kuzyk actually came up with it a while ago. He wanted to use it for this personal project he’s been working on. One day I hit him up and I was like dude Landline is perfect, can we use it for the Vans video? He was down. Landlines are sort of something from the past, like a weird old way of communicating with people. In a way that’s sort of what the full length video has become. There’s not really any meaning behind the title I guess more so a feeling that I think connects with what we’re doing.

Leo Kino in Innsbruck, Austria

How is filming street different from backcountry?

They’re really different for sure. I’ve always filmed in the street so I feel really comfortable there. It’s a much mellower program, there’s always food and coffee close by if you want it! Backcountry is a mission, especially with the snowmobiles and everything. You have to be a bit more prepared and willing to put in longer days to get footage, but it’s super rewarding at the same time.

Gnarliest situation while filming?

We were pretty lucky, not too many bad injuries or sketchy situations. There were definitely some times watching Ojo when we were all pretty nervous. He tried some psycho stuff!

  Check the recap below: