Erik Groß is not only an incredibly talented ripper in front of the lens, he has also made a name for himself behind the lens over the last couple years. Having his initial exposure to photography through skateboarding, his work has since grown into other aspects of life, always keeping its focus on movement and expression and was recently included in the prestigious Monster Children Photo Comp’s shortlist.

Erik shared some of his favourite shots, giving us an insight into his many interests.

When do you have the chance to stand in front of a big glacier? Also a great encounter with nature in British Columbia, Canada.

During the last summer days we skated a lot in front of the historic old town in Dresden.

I met with Janine on a really cold day in December at the beach. Besides being in front of the camera, she is also a very talented photographer and we created a lot of great portraits of her.

Giulia is a talented ballet dancer from Italy, who is working at the Semperopera in Dresden.
I had the chance to shoot photos with her and thanks to the cool location, this photo was the result.

We were at Copenhagen Open 2017 and I asked Reda for a photo, cause I´m a fan of his work and I like to portrait people. Suddenly Gino Ianucci appeared, who is also a skateboarding idol for me. They were really happy to see each other, so after a while I asked if I could shoot a photo of them together. Definitely a bucket list experience.

Dan is a good friend of mine in my hometown Rostock and we often explore the region to hang out and shoot some pictures. This is a beautiful beech forest right at a cliff coast 20 minutes from my flat. Always great to be there.

I shot photos with Deb on the countryside when suddenly fog starts to appear. It changed the light situation completely and this photo is the result.

Last year I traveled to Canada for 2 months with my girl. The landscape and nature of Canada is outstanding and I really have a thing for fog. We did a road trip through British Columbia and I don´t really know where exactly I shot this, but it was definitely out of the car somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

This year in June my friend and I did a crossing of the alps hike from Germany
to Italy. It was intense with long 10hour hiking days, but it was also incredibly beautiful. One day we woke up in complete fog and after a while this bridge suddenly appeared. This is just one of many beautiful sceneries we found ourselves in.

A while ago I wanted to shoot a couple a little more intimate. Aleks, a polish photographer girl, reached out to me and said she would be down to shoot with me.
So we met in Berlin, where her boyfriend at the time lived and shot some photos.
Long story short, we became friends and we always try to meet and shoot some
pictures whenever she is in Berlin.