The Keedz, aka Balotelli and Mwangi, live on the streets of Nairibi, Kenya. A couple skaters took it upon themselves to change their lives to the better through a crowdfunding campaign.

“Every penny we get from the fundraiser goes towards the children’s living expenses and school fees. We hope to help them get through both primary school and high school, and sponsor them un till they are able to take care of themselves. With a roof over their heads, proper education and with George and the rest of the Kenyan skateboard community taking care of them, these kids are gonna grow up to be fucking awesome!”, says Casper Haugegaard from Denmark, who started the initiative along with the Nairobi skate community.

Casper met the boys while being out skating in Nairobi while working with german NGO “Skate-Aid”. Over the course of his six month engagement he ran into them every once in a while. “[…] after every session, leaving them was heartbreaking. They had to go sleep in a filthy hole by the sewer, afraid of being abused by strangers or even police, while me and the other skaters went home to our comfy beds. In august 2017, I joined forces with the Kenyan skateboard community, to get them off the street and back in school. And since then they have had a place to stay, with George as their guardian and picked up school where they left off.”

Their initiative already helped to find the kids, who were abandoned by their families, shelter and get them back into school, but to keep them going it’s crucial to reach the campaigns funding goals, so they can finish their education and have a safe place to stay after being homeless for more than 3 years.

“It doesn’t take long for a young kid to be corrupted by it and the kids there often end up spending most of their time sniffing glue in order to cope with everything. So there’s no question that skateboarding have made a big difference for these two kids and really helped them keep their inner glow.”

You can support the crowdfunding here, and follow the boys through their Insta. Check the interview and photos below!

Photos by Simon “Skipper” Christiansen