Robert Christ, photographer and co-founder of german skateboard magazine “Parallel”, comes through with a skateboarding-heavy “Sure Shot” gallery. All of these images were shot in the course of the last 11 months and give a glimpse of the trips and projects Robert has been working on. No pain – no grain!

It’s always motivating to see how ambitious Bartosz is when he skates a spot. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a new flat trick or a grind down on one of his beloved rails, Bartosz really wants to get it. Unfortunately, the spot won this time.


Ruben really doesn’t like people who are showing off their authority. So when this security guard appeared, it was only a matter of time until the discussion got started.


I really love to watch Andre skating and am always wondering if his fluently and quick feeted style is coming from the amount of weed he’s smoking. If this is the case, maybe I should start smoking that much, too.  Here you can see him at the harbor of my new hometown Düsseldorf after a very good skateday.


At the last day of our (homie) trip to Gran Canaria, we drove to the top of Pico de las nieves, which is the highest mountain of this beautiful island.  When we arrived, we had perfect weather conditions and a great view at Roque Nublo. It was a perfect ending to this trip.


I shot this photo of Phil at the same trip.  After 3 days of skating, we decided to take a little time out and check out the dunes of Maspalomas.  If you travel to a new destination, you should definitely give your skateboard a little break and enjoy all the new things and sights.


Jeffrey is one of those young stylish prodigies. It seems as if this half-asian guy could do every flip trick. At this spot he did 5 good tricks within a few minutes. This 360 flip was one of those.


Lukas Rosen with a no comply down a historical double Set in Aachen while Leon Moss is filming. I shot this photo while we were working on the BRAINHXSTLE article for Solo Mag.


One of my favorite boys doing a Fs Boneless at one of my favorite spots.  Patrick has no facebook or instagram – he is a true nature lover and a positive human.  He rather likes to go out for a walk in the woods, than spending time with his mobile phone.  To have this photo of him skating a spot in the German Eifel, with nothing but water and trees around him, makes me really happy.


This (kind of a) sculpture is located next to some big industrial buildings in the middle of the German Ruhr Valley.  It’s really hard to get up there, cause the run up is really short and you have to run through the dirty grass. Somehow Ruben managed to do this sick blunt grab to fakie.


This one was also shot while we were working on the BRAINHXSTLE article for Solo Mag. Although, we shot all the photos during the German wintertime, it took us just four days to get everything done because the boys were really motivated.  Here you can see Simon Weißer doing a wallride nollie out on a crusty wall while the ground was still wet.


While we were shooting photos for the Skywalker Crew article in the current issue of the Parallel Mag, Tim Hachen got the idea to shoot a photo at the Cologne Cathedral. The “Dom” was not only one of the best curbspots in Germany (until it got skatestopped), it’s also one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the country. You can probably imagine how many people come along this spot on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Tim had to wait a few minutes between every try and in 9 of 10 photos Tim was covered by a crowd of people. It was hectic and stressful but in the end, shot number 10 was the lucky one and we were really happy how it turned out.