Last week we had the pleasure of spending a few days in Miami with adidas Skateboarding as a part of their continuing art project The Showcase. This was the final whammy for 2017 together with Juxtapoz and housed in the incredible Juxtapoz Clubhouse in Downtown Miami. 2017 saw The Showcase hit almost all corners of the globe including the one we did in Paris this summer which ended with a trap mosh pit and the cops closing down the street for us. Between mini ramp sessions at the pop up spot a couple of blocks east, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shepard Fairey and Martha Cooper, we gobbled pizzas, lol’ed at shiny people in Ferrari’s and what seemed like the entire population of Florida sitting in a stand-still in their cars while cursing everyone else in their cars.

Out from Euroland with adidas skateboarding was Fabian F Fuchs, Lukas Goller and Hugo Fernandes, and we connected with all round good Aussie dude Sid Tapia, and international artists from respective Showcase pop ups around the world like Maximilian Mueller,  Space Goth, Jacob Messex, Erica Maradona, Trihumph, Jason Keam, Ivonne Alcantara Sanchez, Julio Ignacio Pizarro Freire, Homeless Cop and Mariano Amilcar Gonzales.

Enjoy these pics and keep your eyes peeled for our clip dropping out when the film editor isn’t buried with other shit.