“It sucks waiting at the bottom of a handrail waiting for some dude to jump down 35 times and almost hit you in the face with a board, so i gave up on that.”, is what our “Sure Shot” guest Magda Wosinska has to say about skateboard-photography. Giving up that short lived career favored traveling and photographing awesome adventures, so no need to blame her, really. Magda let us dig through her archives to pick and choose some of our favs and blessed us with a little insight into her amazing work.

That one time it snowed in Joshua Tree and Snake, Todd and I went for a ride 2014.

Ethan Fowler, last skate photo I ever took of him close to out then home in Highland Park CA 2010

Julz and Matty when they got engaged 2015.

My two best friends and I during coachella hangover right after a rough break up in joshua tree 2014.

Dave and Pat on tour, Halloween 2014, they played theeee grand ol oprhey that night, i painted their faces in corpse paint and played guitar on stage with them to war pigs as the last song.

Sluder on mushrooms in Kings Canyon 2013

Skated with Harold and the zoo york guys all day in the Arizona sun, it was about 118 degrees out that day but we didnt care 1999

You can find Magda’s work on her website as well as her Insta.