Vans Shop Riot 2017 is a wrap and once again some amazing skateboarding went down. In year 9 of the annual event, the 15 teams bravely faced the cold weather conditions at awesome Pier 15 skatepark in Breda, Netherlands. With temperatures not far above 0ºC, everybody had to skate even harder in order to stay warm.

The best-trick contest on Friday was an incredible kick-off for the finals next day. With tricks ranging from mind melting tech moves, such as the fs boardslide bodyvarial boardslide flip out on the A-frame performed by Alex Decunha, to gnarly raw moves, like Pedro Roseiro’s nollie bs 180 fakie 5-0 (the hard way), which ultimately took the win, the evening was stuffed with skateboarding excellence.

Apart from the constant stream of top notch woodpushing – highlights of day two certainly were the incredibly synchronised runs by team Titus (DE), the devoted crew of Burnside’s fam and friends (whole bus load of them) and the sheer amount of tricks that went down in the last seconds of the final between Skate Warehouse (UK) and Skate Boutique (BE).

1.Skate Boutique
2. Skate Warehouse
3. Burnside
4. Flame
Best Trick Winner:
Pedro Roseiro (Bana) – Nollie BS 180 fakie 5-0

Marc Churchill briefing the riders

Pier 15 is definitely one of the most interesting skateparks out there.

DJ and dance moves.

Arts & crafts inside, while Israeli rippers 360 shuv lipslide the shit of the place.

All of Vans Shop Riot’s artwork was done by the man Richt himself, including the zine featuring all shops competing in the finals.

One of the unlucky guys of the weekend on the left, got hurt before the action really started. Alex Decunha to the right, mentally laying out new tech-heavy tricks to please the crowd.

Alternative sessions.

Cold weather outside, hot moves inside.

Synched to the max, team Titus keeping the stoke up.

Clean blunts and optimism outside.

Burnside locals coming in in buses.

The riders shuttle and most badass facetat <3!

Pedro Roseiro did not step back for a single minute.

Daan van der Linden taking Marc Churchill’s job.

Discofeeling for the best trick jam.

Winning move, Pedro Roseiro’s nollie bs fakie 5-0.


Rob Maatman and the Burnside locals.

Hide yo kids hide yo wife, Jost Arens thuggin out.

Winning team Skate Boutique from Belgium well hidden in the mayhem.

Photos: Felix Adler