Following their EP “Anatomy” and their most well known song “Surfer”, which first introduced “tropi-kraut” * to the world, Copenhagen band “Motorique” premieres the video to their new single “I Love To Start A War”.

The track sports a tougher vibe than previous releases and will most definitely stick with you for the rest of the day and have you put it on repeat.

Motorique joined forces with Jonas Bang, to create the simple, yet genius and aesthetically pleasing video straight from another century. Lead singer Lennart Dybdal preaches his visions of the truth to a crowd of yellow balloons within a church in Copenhagen. His band members Mads Lassen and David Rønne Vang, obviously annoyed by their friends arrogance, can’t stand his self-glorification and undertake a sloppy attempt at drowning him.. or maybe baptise him.. yeah, it’s probably that.

Just as ominous as the video is the story of their recent loss of instruments. After their last gig of their summer tour, the band lost all of their gear and it was months before they got it back from some strange dude’s cellar in some sketchy neighborhood. Wonder what the circumstances of that were. Quintessence of the story: The guys are back on track and ready to tour!


* Excerpt from Bitchslap’s home-made glossary of musical genre’s:


A self described genre that mix synth-pop, psychedelia, krautrock and 70’s funk together and lead you into a tropical beach party – but at the same time also into a melancholic trance.