A week has past since Vans Snowboarding first unveiled their new #FIRSTLAYER edit featuring europe’s snowboarding elite and the kinkiest handrails Mother Russia has to offer. Back from the world’s largest country, MVP Benny Urban was kind enough to share his thoughts on the trip with us:

Hey Benny! First time in Russia?

Actually I’ve been here once before, to film with the Nitro Snowboards team. But Siberia is a whole different story, or you can say different world!

Coming from Germany, culture shock much?

Oh yeah for sure! It’s not comparable to anything or anywhere else. Way different vibes, people just have a completely different outlook and attitude on life.

Favorite thing about Russia?

The snow and the spots!

You guys bagged a lot of awesome footage, what’s your favorite move of the trip?

Thank you! Yea it was cool to see that everyone got after it and tried to get good stuff. Favorite move that I’ve seen go down live on the part of the trip I went to was probably from our local guide Zuk when he hit that barrier to double close out and just didn’t lift his nose at all.

He ended up doing a perfect front flip off the drop on accident and landed on his feet. Didn’t ride away but that was fucked up.

You also got into a lot of hinjinx. Someone got arrested? What’s the story behind that.

Oh man. Russia is so sketchy with that because no one speaks english. So you find yourself just walking around looking for spots, next thing you know they try to arrest you because they think you’re a foreign spy. It’s crazy!

Did you get to ride to powder on this trip?

Nope. I wish.

You’re also a talented photographer, did you sneak any shots from Matt Georges?

Haha thanks! I wish, but he had priority on all the A-angles for the spots. I def. tried to shoot as much as possible but most of the time I was busy riding myself or helping the other guys out to set up the spots.

Rumor is you’re still in Russia, what are you up to right now?

Yes, I stayed a few more extra days to look at some areas to possibly film another project here again soon. Let’s see.

What’s your dream destination for the next Vans #Firstlayer?

Canada or Pacific North West.

Photos Matt Georges, Interview Felix Adler