Various ‘EPM Selected Vol. 5’

For their fifth family compilation the promotion company and label gathers a strong legion of established artists. Esteban Adame pays tribute on ‘Descendants’ to his musical forefathers. Howling strings and churning basslines equally references Derrick May and Underground Resistance in a sexy and well-doing manner. Basic Frame’s ‘NKS’ is a modern trickery interpretation of the bashing UK Techno of the late 90’s. Imagine a sweaty first generation Tresor in Berlin, Lost in London or House Of God in Birmingham and this echoes it perfectly. Ben Long’s ‘Calling’ is a heavily encoded affair in terms of screeching synths and broken beat that leans toward a more Electro-tinged approach later on. Mr. Robert Hood as Floorplan gives you that central ‘Ritual’ as so many times before. Lush organ sounds and a crisply distorted lead theme, entices one into that ever-desired transcendental state. It’s a tried and tested recipe but yes, it does work. Ben Long calls it a day with the best, and by the way an exclusive track to the compilation, of ‘EPM Vol.5’. ‘Olmec (Late Night Mix)’. A perfectly arranged and balanced quest for eternal happiness laid out on a crunchy base of Electro, superior space organ sounds and a reeling bleep lead with ongoing change of accentuation. Definitely one of the better EPM compilations this far and what else to say other than job well done guys.

The compilation will be released digitally on October 20th. Cop the tracklist below and taste the sweet fruits of ‘Ritual’ while you’re at it.

01. Esteban Adame – Descendants
02. Basic Frame – NKS
03. Mark Broom – One Sound
04. Francesco Terranova – Terra 1
05. Ben Long – Calling Broadsword
06. Floorplan – Ritual
07. House of Black Lanterns – Drown
08. Dan Curtin – Galaxies Merging
09. Paul Mac – Jack The Dam Box
10. D-Knox – Speak So They Listen
11. Ben Long – Olmec (Late Night Mix)*
*exclusive track

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