You’re going to feel a lot better after this one. Jupiter’s Gold Coast by Aporia is an underwater positivity melody with undeniable charm, and floating, kind lyrics. Opening line, “I don’t sweat you no more” seems to lift weight off your shoulders effortlessly. Where to from there? Swim miles away from the busy sandy beach, dive under and see how much life there is crawling along the floor of the ocean. Don’t be scared though, nothing is going to bite you.

This brilliant low budget music video tickles like I’m watching an old school recital. Too much eye contact with the camera, or maybe not enough. Jesus. Just act natural. The fish though, trawling the bed of Goat Island, New Zealand, seem more comfortable. Perhaps because they live in a protected Marine Reserve. Who knows?

The track and new video, are genius however, because there’s nothing more healing than the ocean. Aporia, or Mitchell James, is from New Zealand, but he’s based in Berlin right now recently releasing a very good 10 track through Prison Tapes and Fantasy Fiction. Listen on Bandcamp here and watch the new music video below.