Dick caught up with Nils Svensson during the CPH Open and chatted about his recent trip to L.A for the Converse Cons X Jack Purcell Pro Launch. Check out the supporting Jack Purcell pro video at the bottom of this post and hear what Nils has to say about the trip below.

Hey Nils! Tell me what the LA Days trip was all about?

The purpose of this project was the launch of the classic Converse shoe Jack Purcell that has been developed for skateboarding together with Polar to make sure it came out just about right. So the job was to produce a nice film in the same manner as the previous Polar X Converse collaborations and to shoot the images for the campaign.

Was it a coincidence that the footwear, ramps and vibe were all blue like the LA sky? 

The royal blue is somewhat of a Converse classic, maybe inspired of the Cali blue sky who knows.

You’ve done this for a while – do you always know what to expect? 

I wouldn’t say so, even if we thought we had this one project on lock it turned out to be the most challenging one to date. Lesson learned, don’t be too comfortable and think it is going to be a walk in the park.

What went down that surprised you? 

I was a bit surprised by the massive steel ramp construction that was basically a HEAVY project to move around. We didn’t make it too easy on ourselves this time and we had to rely on the Hagar brothers to assist us all around LA with these heavy ramps. But they sure looked good! All worth it in the end.

How do you prepare for something where you know you have to get a certain amount of images in the bag?

You don’t think about that you have to nail it basically……haha. Too much stress. This time there was a lot more pressure for sure. The Converse global department was the client and they had their concerns and ideas. In the end they needed some epic material to market these shoes and obviously they wanted to make sure they got what they needed.

You’ve been travelling with Pontus and the Polar crew for years. Any secrets you wanna share?

It’s a great little family, all who love skateboarding and to enjoy themselves to the fullest. I’ve been on some epic journeys, especially the early years in NYC, the Polar x Converse projects and recently Puerto Rico. Not sure secrets exist, I think they end up in the instagram stories.

It must be rad to shoot for a show rather than some online vortex? Tell me about the show in Copenhagen. 

I do think doing an exhibition is the best way to share photography, to be present, to be able to speak to the audience and to tap into the vibe. It is a powerful boost of inspiration and something you can live off for a long time. To be able to have a show in conjunction with a big event like CPH Open is perfect. A good mix of people that are sincerely interested in photography and skateboarding gathered at once. Perfect.

Do you have a favourite photo you shot on that trip? Tell us about how that went down.

I love the energy of one of the shots with Dane, Aaron and Paul all wallieing the plate in a Venice alleyway. Dane’s black outfit with the light bouncing off it just right, Aaron just touching ground and Paul just popping over the plate. It’s just one of those frozen moments that just look iconic I think. (see below)

Were you stoked on how the clip came out? Did it give an honest take on the vibe out there?

I think the clip is great and I think we succeeded in displaying what we were after; fun skateboarding inspired by the days of Natas and Dressen tearing up Venice and LA. But shooting a clip like this is not just pointing the camera at what’s going on, most stuff is planned out and there is a lot of direction going on. As the movie is shot on super 8 you don’t have too many tries to pull off your tricks and the general shooting is more of a filmset than the usual skate movie production.

Anything you particularly love or hate about LA?

I think I love everything about LA. First proper visit and I loved it.

What’s next man, what are you working on right now?

There was a lot of people interested in getting a photo or two from the show so I’m currently trying to work out a good way of selling these prints in an easy way. I’m also sitting on a whole other project from a recent Polar trip that will be released soon in one way or another.