Not many musicians are considered icons of a genre with only two studio albums to their name, but Main Source are most surely enshrined in Hiphop’s Parthenon.

Comprised of DJ and producer duo K-Cut and Sir Scratch and (at the time of recording a teenage) Large Professor, the trio’s debut album, Breaking Atoms is considered one of the finest Hiphop albums ever produced.



It’s popularity developed another facet, thanks to Large Professor seeing the potential in a fellow teen from Queens and thus on ‘Live at the Barbeque’ we hear the first recorded verse from a rapper who at the time called himself “Nasty Nas.”

The peeps at Baws Entertainment have done us all a favour by bringing Main Source to Loppen tonight from 2030. Come out and celebrate one of the true milestones in hiphop, this is an opportunity you’ll probably never see again.