A collaborative inquiry into the transformative, character-inducing effects of glasses, presented by Bitchslap and Ace & Tate.

Change angles, change frames, change the framework. Open yourself to change. Opt in alone. Stay for the good company. Gather round, my friends, for a unique look at a wondrous spectacle, a veritable feast of personal expression, all caused by the simple appendix of glasses to the face.

First seen in Bitchslap 28 around the time Ace & tate opened their flagship store in Copenhagen and on the streets across Europe right about now.

Photography: Frederik Trampe

3D Modelling: Peter Skov Nielson

Glasses: Olaf Satin Silver
Glasses: Allen Sugar Man
Glasses: Lola Golden Brown
Glasses: Colin Moraine
Glasses: Tyler Space Oddity
Glasses: Tyler Champagne
Glasses: Jamie Tiger Wood

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