Yo Keke! I’ve never seen you skating since you’re always shooting. What gives?

Hey! Great to hear from you! You never asked for a session.

You used to live in Copenhagen. Where are you now and what fills your days?

I moved back to Helsinki, the new skate mecca. Days are filled with a day job with computers, lately spent some time on building my own sauna and fixing the home with my lovely wife. Skating with friends and shooting skateboarding & random stuff.

This bs tail is shot at the same DIY spot where you shot that banger of Kevin Bækkel. (google it suckers) Tell us about that spot and photo?

It’s one of my favourite spots in CPH, #broenDIY, built by skaters for skaters from all around world! Go check it! Kevin was so constant with those huge flashy fs airs which made my job easier. When I got to the spot, walked around and almost instantly saw that I wanted this to be silhouette style. I set up the framing just as I wanted and we waited for the perfect sunset light to come in. It ended up to the cover of Creature Skateboards 2017 catalogue.

How did you find the Copenhagen scene?

Amazing! There’s few good crews and so many nice people and good skaters in town. I spent quite a lot time in Fælledparken while skating and the people there. I felt really welcoming by the locals when I moved there, even kids come and talk. In Fælledparken I just loved when some of the kids, like Toby, were like “Hey Keke, I learned new trick, you wanna see?” – missing those good times. So stoked to see kids learning tricks everyday. I feel honoured to be able to meet many good friends in the Copenhagen scene. Spent quite some time with Emiliano on shooting for One Love magazine.

What’s the biggest driver for you in doing what you do?

For shooting, the love for skateboarding.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in regards to shooting?

Keep shooting.

What’s the one piece of advice you give most often?

Can’t remember if anyone asked yet, don’t know if I’m in position to give that yet. If there’d be some that’d probably be “think out of the box”.

What about that time you had to tell us off for stealing your photo? 

Haha, good one! That reminded me that you still owe me a beer for that! I’d recommend to ask permissions before from photographers if you wish to use their photos, and give them the credit. Photographers shoot those fotos to get food on the table and live. In any case it’s always polite to apologise, even if it was unintentional which you did! Politeness rules!

Even some brands do this unfortunately, but rad brands ask permission or offer to buy them. I’m stoked when people spend some time to respect the photographer and their work. Nowadays it happens so much that it’s impossible to track it all. Maybe it speaks of the quality.

Do you get pissed when people crop your shots?

Yep, kinda – it also depends of the shot. Usually when I shoot I try to frame it already on the spot as I see it the best looking visually and for the skateboarder. I’ve had quite few disagreements with AD’s but at the end we both usually adjust our views to find mutual conclusion. It’s team work at the end in many cases.

You’re old like us, right? How do you explain the impact of skateboarding on your life to some suburban uncle?

Am I? I don’t feel like it! Well actually the day after a good slam. It’s tricky one. Skateboarding is, has been and will always be big part of my life even at this age. I met most of my friends through that or snowboarding – and that itself is a big thing in life. There’s no special times I need to go for a practise, I can go whenever and wherever I feel like. The possibility for freedom motivates. If I remember correctly the skateboarding was the reason I bought my first camera about 26 years ago. Yes I do slam and it surely hurts more than it used to like 20 years ago. It also keeps me fresh in mind.

What’s the last 6 artists you searched for on Spotify?

Dinosaur Jr, Ruudolf, Thurston Moore, Tommy Guerrero, The Helio Sequence, Dio

How does the first hour of the day look for you?

Wake up with sleep button, kisses with wife, check weather, brush teeth, breakfast and a few skate or snow videos and check the new. Bike to the train and off to work.

Interview: Dick

Photo: Emiliano Meucci