James Zeiter makes a shift from the acclaimed interpretation of Dub Techno that he has mastered since the mid 90’s with a four track E.P. for Anil and Jay Lal, and graphic designer Majkel’s newly minted Furthur Electronix label.

This is quite the varied affair in terms of styles but firstly Zeiter heads of with a spherical, electro-driven dream sequence on ‘Drift’.
It’s like the perfect marriage of a phlegmatic Luke Slater assembling his most sweltering pads with the aid of some of the more adventurous Dutch producers affiliated with Eevolute Muzique and alike.

‘Arpeggiator’ is nothing more than an extremely clever sequence, which happily shimmers throughout the enterity of the track.
Backed up by washing synths and gentle tinkering, less is definitely proven to be more. File under the lush World of John Beltran and The Detroit Escalotor Co.

The sexy acidic squelches of ‘Echoic’ creates a continuity of enticing vortices and is garnished perfectly with a cheeky Electro beat, which induces plenty of sexy wiggles into the track.

Wrapping up the first release on Furthur Electronix debut release nicely, is ‘Mute’. A thoughtful journey of stripped down clicks and weeping pads, pays hommage to the bittersweet
ambience of many a Detroit track and could, if you’re more of the emotional type, result in uncontrollable shedding of tears,

These four tracks could be old or new, but that’s not the crucial point here. What matters in the end is the fact, that they’re all timeless and untrammeled
of any given distinct setting for full enjoyment. All in all a solid initiation of Furthur Electronix into the sonic landscape of today.

No exact date of release has yet been announced but expect this in the coming months.

Check preview of ‘Drift’ below