This past Friday saw adidas Skateboarding‘s offering to “creativity in skateboarding and beyond” in the form of The Showcase Paris. Featuring a solid mix of legendary Parisian photographers and artists along side up coming local heads and crew, and curated by Guillaume Le Goff for Bitchslap.

Hosted at the spacious MR14 Galerie in Marais right up from République, the spot was crammed, kids moshed to Biffty and his raucous brand of trap and some of the global team riders swung by as a part of their world COPA Skate tour right now.

The Showcase has reared its head across the globe in recent months after kicking off in New York as a community initiative giving a foot up to up coming artists while throwing shine back on the legends of the local scene.

The Showcase Paris featured Benjamin Deberdt, Soy Panday, Romain Batard, Hugo Fernandes, Func’88, Mecca, Alex Pires, Olivier ‘Tavu’ Ente & Errata was no shortage of shenanigans and we even had a moshpit with the grommets spilling everyone’s drinks.

Cheers to all who came out, our man in Japan (actually Paris) Guillaume Le Goff and most of all the artists for being a part of this great.