Festivals like this have to be one of mankind’s most strangely beautiful things. Four days of warm-up, four days of some of the world’s best musical acts. Provocative art work, challenging weather. Humans, food and drinks absolutely everywhere. The best times and worst times. We went looking for some of the most worn out festival campers, the experienced Roskilde veterans, the teenagers reduced to a mere shadow of his or her former self, willing to hand over a short anecdote before moving back home.

We didn’t find them. But we did find a lot of really good-natured, kind people, and they gave us so many free drinks. Here’s what they had to say about Roskilde.


 Amalie and Ulrikke



BS: So what’s your best memory from Roskilde and what’s the worst, or biggest regret?

Ulrikke: Fuck. I have to use my brain again.

Amalie: I think my biggest regret would be not bringing wellingtons.

BS: Nice plastic wrap on your Reeboks though.

BS: And your best memory?

Amalie: Well except for five minutes ago (We at BS had joined in on singing Angels by Robbie Williams with them five minutes before), I’d say the Foo Fighters show yesterday. The whole camp was there, it was so social even though I don’t really like the Foo Fighters. Yeah I had such a good time.

BS: Horns up?

Amalie: The whole time. That’s the orange feeling.

Ulrikke: My best memory was at The xx concert. I was with a big bunch of tough guys and they’re all talking about girls they want to fuck, and drinking shots. And one of them, Eric, he’s the toughest of them, he started crying. All the guys just took him in, and we made a little circle around him so he could cry. It was touching.

BS: Beautiful. What about your biggest regret?

Ulrikke: The way I packed. What was I thinking? I have nothing to wear.

BS: That’s not too bad of a regret!

Ulrikke: Oh yeah I went down on a guy in a toilet but I don’t regret that (laughs).

BS: Not even for a second?

Ulrikke: I’m kidding, that never happened.



BS: What’s your best memory from Roskilde this year?

Emma: Oh probably the Foo Fighters yesterday. It was amazing.

BS: What about your worst memory, or biggest regret?

Emma: Oh I got wasted one evening, lost my phone, and can’t remember anything. I think I lost about four hours. Total blackout. But I think it’s nice not having my phone anymore.

BS: Totally.





Daniel: Do I have spaghetti in my beard?

BS: No, but let me fix your hair (runs fingers through perfect blonde hair)

Daniel: Thanks

BS: What’s your best memory from Roskilde this year?

Daniel: My best memory is watching The xx on the orange stage, but this also goes together with my worst memory, as I know that will be your next question (laughs) because I don’t remember anything from it. But then again I know I must have had a hell of a good time.

BS: That’s a damn shame. So not remembering anything might be your biggest regret?

Daniel: Yeah, not remembering exactly how much fun I must have had.

BS: Never mind that. Thanks, dude!



BS: Amy, principal dancer at the Royal Danish Ballet, what is your best memory of Roskilde so far?

Amy: I literally just arrived, but probably squatting down to my achilles tendon and peeing the minute I got here. Showing my ass to half million people.

BS: Any regrets so far?

Amy: Same answer.


 Elvin, Joel, & Johan


BS: So Elvin, what’s your best memory so far?

Johan: (screams) Justice!

Elvin: I can’t remember the act, but we were down at Countdown stage on the first night. We were dancing and I got a nice trophy (referring to his black eye) from Mikkel. It was a touching moment. But then some Danish guy hit me two minutes later in the same place and that wasn’t as touching.

BS: What about your worst memory?

Elvin: I could say the same thing (laughs).

Joel: So there was a guy that had to eat his sock after a bet (they were playing the odds game, of course – see Cool Story, Bro for an explanation)

BS: Is that your best or worst memory.

Joel: Best for me, worst for him.

BS: How about you Johan, tell us!

Johan: On the second day I had about five minutes to run and buy cigarettes. I ended up falling over on the gravel and messing up my hand. That was my worst memory, but I fell like two more times after that.

BS: I hear you enjoyed Justice?

Johan: Yeah it was magical, I’ve been waiting so long to see them.

BS: Nice. Thanks guys.


Thanks to everyone for the free drinks and slice of honesty! See you next year.