Ah, summer festivals in Denmark. The definition of hit-and-miss. Even though we know this, we still have hope. Hope for blue skies, green grass, mud-less pits, summer dresses, maybe even to come home with a bit of a tan. But no, no summer at Roskilde this year. Thanks, God.

Rain doesn’t have to be a vibe-murderer, but it can turn Roskilde into a sea of black Rains raincoats, Hunter gum boots and frizzy hair. Our hopes for a summer festival are turned into mud.

Rain does, however, bring out the creativity in us. We do what we can to stay dry; it becomes a matter of survival. We also are forced to be creative with our time and trade the ølbowling in for something a little more… under cover. Despite the sludge, our vibes can be resurrected and we can indeed have fun and stay dry-ish.


Here’s some proof of that (Pix by: Emil Brandt) :


Shout out to the weather gods — you’ve had your fun. We have high expectations for next year!