Hashtags are a wonderful invention. And not just for brands wanting to connect with millennials, food bloggers, or newly weds either — hashtags are a wonderful invention because they allow us to share special, sometimes intimate, moments with the whole wide world.

We decided that Roskilde Festival is perhaps the best place on earth to find these *special* images. So this year, our plan is to find the most impressive, fucked up or straight up weird photos on the #RF17 hashtag and hear the stories behind them.


Når man går kold i campen ???? #rf17 #roskildefestival #dreamcity

A post shared by Mikkel Sanderhoff (@nogetmedbirkes) on Jun 28, 2017 at 12:57pm PDT

We met Mikkel, the owner of this image, to ask him what the hell is happening here. Here’s what he said:

Mikkel: Well, the story is, we had a lecture from a professor from Stanford University and he was speaking about physics… it went on for 20 minutes or so, interrupted by shots of rum. So every five minutes we had to take a shot of rum, and then people were drunk. Very drunk…

BS: A lecture? At Roskilde Festival?

Mikkel: Yeah. In Dream City they have an event called ‘Science and Shots’. I was walking past and they invited me to listen, so I did.

BS: So they give lectures about science while you’re drinking shots?

Mikkel: Yeah. Exactly.

BS: And the guy in the photo?

Mikkel: Well, he was at the front. He was yelling all the time, with a big bottle of vodka. And then at the end of the lecture he just fell asleep. And suddenly someone put this police tape around him and yeah… he just had a good time.

BS: He was passed out?

Mikkel: Totally passed out.

BS: Too much science, too many shots.

Mikkel: Exactly.

Thanks Mikkel!


Godt vejr, glitterwrestling og #glitterboobs på #rf17 ✨✨????????✨✨ #orangefeeling

A post shared by Rae Rebekka Maria ???? (@raeish) on Jun 28, 2017 at 10:42am PDT

We also met up with Rae (left) who agreed to tell us a little more about #glitterboobs and how they came about. Here’s what she said:

Rae: Basically I’ve seen some girls doing #glitterboobs on Instagram and thought it was cool… so I wanted to do it too!

BS: It’s just glitter and glue?

Rae: Well, I bought a whole lot of glitter and some skin glue, but we actually ended up using some of the guys’ hair wax instead. Its cheaper and stickier and you can use it to cover up your nipples!

BS: And all your friends were down for it?

Rae: I didn’t actually tell the girls we were going to do it because some of them have boyfriends and would probably be a bit hesitant. But then I tested it last week while sitting on my friend’s rooftop drinking beers. Then I showed them the pictures and they agreed to do it. All of the guys even wanted it too.

BS: How did you get it off?

Rae: I went swimming in the lake actually… at five in the morning. Haha. It’s all over our camp now. I also ended up sleeping with a guy and his tent is covered in glitter now…

BS: He’ll be finding glitter in his things for the next few months… not a bad way to be remembered!

Thanks Rae!


Hvad er oddsene for at du hopper op på politibilen? 12!!! #rf17 ????: @stineolivia

A post shared by Robin Krudt ???? (@jonatan_jarvel) on Jun 28, 2017 at 9:51pm PDT

Here’s Jonatan at 6am on top of a police van. He told us what went down:

BS: So Jonatan, what’s the story?

Jonatan: Okay, well, we have a game — a drinking game — where you’re like, “What are the odds that you’re going to do that?”.

BS: I know this game. It’s dangerous.

(Anyone not familiar with ‘Odds Of’, the game works like this:

You think of a dare for someone. Then you say “what are the odds that you’ll _____ ?”

Then they present some odds that reflect the probability that they will do this thing, e.g. 1 in 100, or 1 in 25. On the count of three, both of you say a number between 1 and that number. If both of you say the same number, they have to do the dare. Try it. It’s great fun.)

Jonatan: Haha yeah. And then you count down, and I was just… yeah, okay, it was the morning, I’d been partying in my underwear for the last six hours. And then the police car was there and I was like, “What are the odds you’re gonna do it?”

BS: Policemen were in it?

Jonatan: Yeah, and then they got out. So I was like to my friend, “Okay, what are the odds?”. And then I lost… so when the police got out and started arguing with some people, I was like, now’s my chance. So I rushed over and jumped on the roof.

BS: Easy.

Jonatan: Yeah. Haha. Thank god someone took a picture…

Thank you Jonatan!



We decided this one definitely needed some explaining. We spoke to Aske and asked him to enlighten us:

BS: So… what the fuck?

Aske: Well, I took the picture because I’m working at Volt. I’m one of those people walking around with chargers to trade with people in the morning. And one of the good things about that is you get to really see the internal camp life.

BS: Okay…

Aske: I started taking photos of graffiti on tents because last year there was a guy who came up to me and said I looked like Harry Potter. I was thinking yeah okay, just because I have round glasses… but I can accept that. And then the next morning, someone had smeared ‘mud blood’ on my tent with red paint. I thought that was fucking hilarious.

Anyway, I was walking around N camp yesterday and saw these guys who were smoking a joint and they’d written ‘Greenland did 9/11’ on their tent. And I thought: that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

BS: Did they tell you why?

Aske: No… I asked them, “Why did you write that thing?” and they just said, “Yeah we did it! Do you want a puff?”, and I said, “Nah no thanks man, I’m working”, and they said, “Do you know what you call smoking at 8am?” and I said “No”, and they said, “We call that wake ‘n’ bake”.  So I told them, “Cool man, I’ll see you later”. Then I went on my way.

BS: Awesome.


So there you have it; the amazing #RF17 at a glance. Next time you publicly share a photo that requires an explanation and tag it with a popular hashtag, be careful. We might just slide into your DMs and start demanding answers!