Roskilde Festival offers a pretty damn impressive spread of meal choices. You have burgers, lobster rolls, flæskestegssandwiches, salads, kebabs, fish and chips, pho, burritos… basically whatever the fuck your hungry heart desires — around the clock.

Despite all that, there are some people who decide to cut corners. There are some people who decide their hard earned cash is better spent on beer, an obnoxiously large stereo, MDMA, or a chicken costume, and they’d rather cater themselves.

Well, folks, here are those people. And this is what they’re eating:


So, apparently the combination of tuna, mayonnaise and pesto on stale supermarket bread is a popular choice among this type. Kudos to them, though. It takes strong willpower to say no to late-night fries because you have sweaty rye bread or a can of cold spaghetti waiting back in your tent! Bon appetit and money well saved.