Against all odds, the White Russian Party at Roskilde Festival took place on Monday night. The weekend prior saw the guest list grow to a magnificent 1.7k interested attendees. Why? Because the hosts promised 400 free White Russians for the guests, and to bring a party that really ties Roskilde Festival together like a rug – and let’s be honest, you could probably host a turd-themed party and still get 1.7k interested attendees as long as you’d offer free alcohol.

The White Russian Party mixologists creating most probably the best White Russian of all time.

In typical Scandinavian style, the party started no later than as speculated. At 20:25 we arrived to at least 200 guests crowded around a small table. Behind it, no less than 8 dudes and dudettes wearing lush white bathrobes with vodka, milk, and coffee syrup in hand, desperately trying to abide. By 20:35, word had spread, and there was now a crowd of 500 or more, growing every moment. Punters, festival go-ers, fellow dudes and dudettes all racing towards the Dude’s humble abode, empty plastic cups in hand.

We managed to get a taste and see what all the fuss was about. Now, I love a good White Russian, with breakfast, lunch or dinner, but this one was a total knock out that I’ll do my best to remember forever. Hey maybe we all just came for the free drink? Maybe these kinds of nonsensical alcohol fuelled get togethers are exactly what Roskilde is all about?  Either way the dedication of these dudes and dudettes behind the bar really tied the festival together in the true lax Lebowski way. Are people now hungover from all those white russians? That’s just, like, their problem, man