There’s an eight day gap in my memory from around seven years ago. Flashbacks of mud dancing, lying unapologetically naked under the shadow of a three-legged shade tent, cracking open a cold one only seconds after waking up.

Yass you’re going to Roskilde Festival (or you’re thinking about it). A full week, a day or two, doesn’t matter. Read this lazy guide to ensure you don’t miss the best bits.

Moderat/Modeselektor (DE)

Minimal Techno, and some of the best damn electronic dance out there. Originating from Berlin, Moderat is an intelligent collaboration between living legends Apparat (Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary). Moderat and Modeselektor epitomise Berlin nightlife, and they sit comfortably with contemporary geniuses like James Blake, Burial and Four Tet. Moderat and Modeselektor will keep your feet super busy. Check out Modeselektor’s dope Boiler Room set to get you pumped.


András (AU)

Ascendant and unpredictable electronic act András (András Fox) is bringing a much-desired Australian presence to an indelible line-up. András Fox’s acclaimed project Vibrate on Silent paid tribute to simplicity and primitive dance rhythm, leaving little doubt that he will move Roskilde crowds into a low-key boogie or neck-wobbling groove unlike any other. For further proof, check out House of Dad: a touching and soothing tribute to his father which does not fail to experiment and stretch the boundaries of deep ambient house throughout. Café Romantic, a collaboration between András Fox and Oscar Key Sung, is also worth exploring as it transcends tastes of seductive jazz, soothing synth and deep house thanks to his vivid appreciation for both calmness and chaos.

Moon Duo (US)

Can we get back into psych? It doesn’t get better than this so why the hell not. It’s space rock/psych, operating in another dimension. I was curious to discover Wooden Shjips when Ripley Johnson first arrived in this solar system around 2006. Straight out of San Francisco, it melted me like the first time I listened to The Velvet Underground. Then when Moon Duo’s Mazes came out in 2011 it blew my mind. It was hypnotic, making my head spin, pushing the accelerator on the long straights of a seedy road-trip. Yeah we can get back into psych.

Bonobo (UK)

LA based British electronic Bonobo is a master of ambient, downtempo and downright beautiful tunes. His new album, Migration, is stunning, featuring partially Danish musical duo, Rhye, and Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker. Post-classical influences, seductive intros and club hits make this the most listenable album of 2017 by far. He’s come a long way since his percussive style in The North Borders first moved kitchen dance floors at your first house warming. Now he’s easily becoming one of the world’s leading electronic acts.

Angel Olsen (US)

Unfuck your worst memories and regrets with all American sweetheart Angel Olsen. The introvert’s wet dream, an angelic voice to carry you through that dreadful hangover or come down. She’s brilliant live. Enigmatic, electric and soulful, and her new album, My Woman, is her best yet. One voice not to be missed.

Thanks to Lucy Eldridge for this sick image.

Street City (Skate)

Three days of street style, local skateboarders, international pros and comps in the Roskilde bowl and on the Street City pavement. Roskilde also brings us Sumo-Skateboarding, and it’s exactly how it sounds. What more do you god damn need?


Winners depicted wearing undies.


We’re going streaking (The Naked Run)

Lil dix, big dix, and booties. A Roskilde tradition since 1999, enter to experience the true meaning of freedom. It’s your best opportunity to win tickets to next year, too.