‘New Religion’ is the new single from Danish soul band Sweatshop making our Fridays better. Whether dropping a track called ‘New Religion’ on a Good Friday is fitting or not doesn’t really matter because good soul music finds its way into open hearts and minds any and every day of the year;  no matter what the religious persuasion or orientation. Dive into the song here and be ready for the album coming up…


SweatShop are rapper Kuku Agami, Jonas Rendbo on vocals and Daniel Fridell producing. A self described ‘Exiled African Prince & Two Vikings’  creating a deeply funky soul with all of hip hop running through it.

There is definitely an element of what is often referred to as a ‘Nordic Soul’ here, a sound pioneered by Copenhagen bands and affiliates such as Boom Clap Bachelors and later Quadron… but as the band name suggests ‘Sweatshop’ bring the boom bap breaks of hip hop and a lineage of dirty funk music along with the cooled out, seductive soul.

The Copenhagen-based band drops their new album “When You Hear The Sound” 28th May.

Hear the single on Spotify here