Weeeee Youuuuu. Wake up. It’s Friday. Press play and catch up with ALOOF who dropped an absolutely filthy little hip shaker early this week. It’ officially out today and we been trying to keep these sounds to ourselves for ages because Aloof  didn’t just pop out of nowhere. A young veteran of Danish hip hop and the live scene he has been at production and MC’ing for a more than a minute. We first heard him on the mic alongside the deep bounce of Benal and this not a million miles from the rogue stylistic joys they produce sonically.

Coming on Copenhagen label Back To The Future Sounds is an EP later this months and in the meantime check this tune for fun-time. Aloof crafts a self- propelling mix of rave soaks and weedy squeaks complete with quiet bits plus all the chilled ups and nervy breakdowns. The result is the most insistent little stomper we have heard in a while. Without pretension it takes a range of sounds and influences from hardcore to dancehall and sets about mixing straight and break beats for a firing outcome. No Doctor ! A diagnosis is not possible.! I’m afraid this is just a beautifully deranged point somewhere on the spectrum.